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YouTube videos have unhelpful "sugestions" at the end



  • Official comment
    Dorian Staten


    I understand the problem, and I'll be happy to pass your request on to our team for discussion.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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  • The Editor

    After giving this some further thought, maybe a textbox might be more useful, where a user can add additional parameters to the end of a URL. Put "x" in the box and a textbox appears for adding parameters. This could be used at other sites as well as YouTube.

    This "unofficial" test page gives a good demo of the different parameters, though for me, the "&rel=0" would do frugally.

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  • The Editor

    Nudge, any progress on this ?

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  • The Editor

    So the request was passed on some 10 months ago,
    but still these inappropriate links appear at the end of
    YouTube videos. The original video in this case was
    about Bill Nye and his rabid ideas that people should be arrested and jailed for having a different opinion on the climate to him. The suggested videos at the end included one on abortion, and another on some conspiracy therory regards the Sandy Hook tragedy, BOTH of which are ENTIRELY inappropriate.
    AGAIN !
    add the parameter ....
    &rel=0 to the end of a YouTube URL when embedding in a script of player applet. Then when the video ends, instead of some incongruous suggestions, the picture reverts to the video thumbnail instead.

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