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Windows 10



  • Brian Curnow

    Themes as implemented in Windows 10 would be another nice new feature for the next release of so the paper colour the background image and typeface selected etc could all be changed as required.

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  • The Editor

    I don't have Windows 10 and have no intentions of using it.
    I am of course being the "Devil's Advocate", but you must realise that many people now access pages via Google Android on a mobile phone or tablet device. What use would incorporating Windows 10 specific features be to them ?

    Of course it might be possible to craft bifurcated page urls, which could show users from different systems, different CSS pages by parsing the users browser and system info query. I am not convinced that there are so many users of Windows 10, that it deserves any special consideration at all, in a news aggregator service like this.

    If you really need "an intelligent personal assistant" (Cortana) to assist you in reading or configuring your news aggregator, then maybe you are doing something wrong, or maybe you don't know that Cortana is really a spy for "Uncle Bill" ?
    "Windows 10 Doesn't Stop Spying You, Even After Disabling It's Creepy Features"
    "Creepy Features" - No Thank You !

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