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I Need and Ad Unit Below Header Image



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    Julia Yaziji


    If you like to tinker, please feel free to follow the instructions below, otherwise, you can submit a request for the banner ad and we can implement the banner ad for you.

    These instructions work for Pro papers on a custom domain and will add an Adsense leaderboard ad (728X90) below the navigation menu.

    1.) From your Paper Settings Dashboard, click Layout & appearance, Look & feel, then Custom Header. You should then see your Custom Header HTML editor.

    In the Custom Header HTML editor field, you can add the following code, but replace "<!-- Adsense Code -->" with your banner ad's code and a value for XXX.

    The "XXX" depends on how far down on the page the ad needs to be placed. As a general rule of thumb, take the height of the paper's banner, and then add 66px.

    <div style="width: 720px; position: absolute; top: XXXpx; left: 50%; margin-left: -364px;">
    <!-- Adsense Code -->
    2.) Then you need to add the following code to your CSS editor. To access your CSS editor, from your Paper Settings Dashboard, click Layout & appearance, then Look & feel, then Custom CSS to access your CSS editor.

    .paper-body {
    padding-top: 110px;
    Some papers may be a bit tricky in finding the right "XXX" value, so feel free to let me know if you prefer I edit your paper directly.

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  • Julia Yaziji


    Just wanted you to know there is no need to tinker with code any more. A Pro user is now able to turn on a toggle and implement an ad unit below the headline.

    • From your Paper Settings Dashboard, click Layout & appearance, then Ad units.

    • Customize which ad positions you would like to show by clicking on the ad position to view the ad position toggle. Switch toggle to ON or OFF position to view or not view ad. There is now a "leaderboard" or banner ad as well.

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