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Paper Sections should be always available



  • Maryann Spikes

    TOTALLY agree!!!

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  • Rick Shafer

    I agree! This is the one disappointing feature. The automatic classification is not perfect and I reclassify every day. It's frustrating that I can't select from any and all of my categories!!

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  • Luanne Radcliffe Hinkle

    agreed, this is a huge flaw. Very disappointing.

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  • Wired Profiles

    I concur with the answer given by my colleagues to this problem. We should have more control, allowing us to not only reclassify sections as we see fit, but we should have control of turning off sections if we don't need them. The fact that your curating didn't produce results doesn't mean that our own manual vetting won't lead us to finding the right content for the excluded sections. Please allow us to turn them on and off, as well as allowing us to move the sections to the right place in the paper. The sections in my paper are never in the same place from one edition to the other. That makes no sense. These concerns all fall under Paper Section issue.

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