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Most other websites / blog sites have some sort of "Search" facility, and indeed I have often remembered posting a link on a previous edition, and then cannot find it again, without laborious searching of the archived editions, one at a time. It would be very useful, indeed perhaps essential to include this missing search facility. A "Custom Google Search" could fit the bill and cost virtually nothing, other than a little coding time.

At the moment a simple Google "site search" does not work for individual papers, because sub-domains are not searched in the public api.

Your search - "offshore wind" - did not match any documents.

However a search for "wind" using the same search pattern did reveal a page in the Google Cache .... that is to say typing in ... wind

gave this result :
Environment - Climate Change Chronicle!environment

U.S. Offshore Wind: A Government Pipe Dream ... - “Offshore wind is essentially a government-made market that would not exist in the ...

..... and so on

What this reveals is that Google DOES NOT search sub-directories at, but that Google does search its own cached webpages. Why was that page cached and not the others? Who knows the mysteries of Google archive criteria?

Anyway please do consider having an individual Paper specific search, and I am sure that Google techs will assist, if you have any problems, and indeed this could be an earner for the whole organisation, since you could allow interstitial adverts during searches and suchlike. The click revenue may be small, but could reap potentially thousands per day from the "Free" papers, and offer this as a service to "Paid" clients, as another "carrot", to earn some small revenue for them. A revenue which could easily pay for their monthly subscription, making even the "Pro" version of essentially free, if the page has enough visitors who do searches.

Certainly a paper specific search would be an asset to all concerned, and I do hope that you will consider this facility.

Read more about custom Google search api here :

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