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The new "Modern Theme"



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    Julia Yaziji

    Hi Wayne,

    We appreciate your feedback, but can you describe what you mean by abilty to turn off text headings? Are you referring to the topic sections ? The new modern theme does not have topic sections... so I may be misunderstanding. :/

    Let us know!

    PS You might be interested in reading some FAQs about the new modern theme v1.

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  • Wayne Sharer

    I am referring to the header section. In the current theme, I can have either the header image or the title text appear, or both. In the new theme, I cannot turn of the title text and keep the header showing. I would have to make a whole new header to use it.

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  • Gabby Hill-Braun

    I agree with Wayne, I like the ability to remove text tile and have only a banner in place. also, I couldn't find a way to make the overlay blank/clear yet keep the title text black (instead of white)
    there simple aren't enough "look and layout" options available with the modern theme so I switched back to classic and plan to stay there.

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  • Julia Yaziji

    Wayne and Gabby: Just wanted to let you know that your request has been added to a list of improvements for a future version. I have made a note to update this thread when the improvement has been developed and deployed.

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  • Julia Yaziji

    The ability to hide a paper title when usng modern layout was introduced.  :)

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