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Pin Content So It Does Not Change On An Update



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    Julia Yaziji

    Hi Bernard,

    At the moment, we unfortunately don't have a way to automatically "pin" some articles while letting other articles continue to update. Sorry for this... You can add content manually with the bookmarklet, but I know this is not quite what you are looking for.

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  • Bletopbiz

    Any update on this please


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  • Julia Yaziji


    Looking at the development schedule coming up, this feature has not been planned in the coming months unfortunately.  :/



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  • CJ Cornell



    Or, at least add the capability to somehow tell paperli (via bookmarklet?) to "add this post to the next upcoming paper)

    right now I use the bookmarket ... and manually add an article.... but as soon as paperli generates the new paper, even if 5 mins later, my manually added article is ignored.

    ALL this takes is a damn checkmark in the bookmarket popup.  (include in next edition)

    and, frankly - if the owner of the newsletter manually adds an article, that should tell your algorithm that the article is a priority!


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  • Julia Yaziji

    Hi CJ,

    If you have a Pro paper, you can already use the bookmarklet to add an article to the next edition.  

    From your paper settings control center, turn the publishing toggle to "Manual".  By using the manual publishing mode, you will create a draft offline each time you want to create a paper and you can click "publish" when you want to put it online.  With Manual publishing, you can use the bookmarklet to add content to your draft-- just be sure to click the draft version of your paper in the drop down menu on the bookmarklet. 

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