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Can we eliminate "Published by" in the subscriber email?



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    Julia Yaziji

    Hi! Do you export the HTML before sending with a third party service or are you using us to send out your emails?

    If you are exporting the HTML, you can edit out the "published by" but if we are sending the emails for you, there is unfortunately not a way to edit out the "published by".

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  • New Deal for Buildings

    I am having this issue as well. My aim is to create a professional looking paper and do not want to show my account.

    Do you intend to provide a fix for this?

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  • Dorian Staten


    As Julia mentioned, you're welcome to edit your newsletter and customize it any way you wish if you send your newsletter through a third-party app. It's only when we send your newsletter for you that our attribution is necessary.

    For details on sending your newsletter via a third-party app, please see the following support article:

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