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How to get images with articles from The Guardian

On my page, The Guardian has been a very central source. It is maybe the single source wih most articles relevant to my topic. Until recently the images vere nicely included and could do even for the positions with the bigger size images. But now, articles from The Guardian came without images. It seems to be a new coding on The Guardian that has changed. Images today are loaded in another way. But are there any chances that the article havester unit could be changed accordingly in order to be able to include images from a web page like The Guardian.

Jens Hvass

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Hi Jens,

Just wanted to let you know that we've been able to find a way to pull Guardian images into so if you are continuing to use them as a source, you will now see images.  We realize the solution took us longer than planned. Thanks for your patience.  

Best regards!


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