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Unable to Unsubscribe



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    Julia Yaziji

    Hello! Apologies that you have not been able to unsubscribe. There must be a incompatibility with the link and the email service you're using. We apologies for the trouble and would love to know which email service you are using so we can look into the matter.

    In any case, I confirm I have unsubscribed you from all subscriptions found using same email address linked to your name. If you receive any other unwanted emails from us, let me know!

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  • Jürgen Reid

    Many thanks Julia, I have no idea what email service the Force uses, I received an email from UK Disability News today and again was unable to unsubscribe. Could you remove me from this one as well?

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  • Julia Yaziji

    Hello, Thanks for your response. I am sorry to have to ask you to please submit a request. I am not able to find any subscription using the email address linked to the signin you used to submit your message. This means that perhaps the newsletter is going to an email that is formatted slightly differently.... I would like to know which email address that newsletter UK Disability News is being sent to but for your sake, would prefer you don't enter your email here. Emails entered in forums are sometimes picked up by spammers.

    In your request, feel free to put "for julia" in the subject line.

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  • Yayu Javier

    HI Please unsubscribe me as I can't see any unsubscribe at the bottom of the email.  Thank you.


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