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Modern Layout

I am keen to see the top of the "Modern" Layout Home Page improved.
The "Read More" link idea seems very strange -- Why not just change it to "EDITOR'S NOTE"?
(Most people know to just scroll down if they want to "Read More") ........
And the Archives Function is not as prominent as it should be.  This is critical -- newcomers like to go back and look at the Archives of Editor's Notes.
When you click a date on "Archives" -- it doesn't take you to the Editor's Notes Archives immediately.
And  ...... The Archives Function is also lost when the reader clicks on "Read More" to load the Editor's Note. (Surely the Archives Function should be available on both?)
And then ........ if you click "Read More" and read the Editor's Note, the back button on the Browser doesn't take you back to the Home Page. Why? The Idea of a Home Page has been lost (and most people have that in mind as their chief Navigation Page).
And ........ on mobile phones all of this is lost and replaced by just the Three Dots (OK for some but confusing for many) -- many mobile phone readers ask me "where is the Editor's Note?"
I have to tell them "Click on the Three Dots".  (!!)
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