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    Julia Yaziji


    Thanks for your comment/request. 

    I see you are using "manual publishing" which allows you to create a draft and save collected articles to the draft offline, untill you are ready to publish.  Once published, a draft is editable for 21 days.  (Editing time may be shorter if you switch draft mode off and back on)

    I would like to understand your needs.  Are you saying that you have no need to save past archived editions filled with the articles that you collected previously?  Instead you need an edition that is continuously being updated and old articles are deleted out of the current edition-- with no need to record those articles deleted.  Is that correct?





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  • Chicago Bungalow Association

    Hi, thank you for your response.

    We want to use paperli as one big collective press center that we can always add on to with new articles written about us and articles we care about. We don't want old articles filtered out, and we don't want new editions. We want people to be able to see all of the articles in one edition, always. We simply want to build a catalog of articles old and new that we can continue to build on in one single edition.

    The idea is to use as a press center and not as "editions"

    Does that make sense?



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  • Julia Yaziji

    Hi!  Thanks for clarifying.  I think I understand.  You would like an undated scrollable page of articles that is regularly updated.

    Our service was developed around the idea of helping to source content and creating dated "editions" that update regularly 

    Next week we will be releasing an improvement which will allow visitors to the paper to search past editions and pull up past articles on archived editions based on keywords. 

    But there is unfortunately no plan to make a dated edition editable indefinitely.  It sounds like we might not be the service you need unfortunately!  :/

    What you are looking for might be accomplished by a web designer or perhaps there exists another WIX app that simply formats article links for you.    


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