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Use mailchimp list/group/segment instead of paperli list or auto-send via mailchimp daily

 I created this ticket as a "compromise" to the functionality of auto-sending daily via mailchimp.

The problem(s):

  1. Currently you support exporting to mailchimp, but it is a 1 time export of the email which doesn't scale. 
  2. Currently I have to manage multiple email lists (paperli and mailchimp)

Potential solutions:

  • Idea 1: Do the auto exporting, and auto sending via the settings UI. I don't think this is possible, but some sort of "export the newspaper + make the campaign + send to a specific list + group/source" where has all the settings to do so. 


  • Idea 2: Retrieve the list (with an option to select a group/source i.e. signup form from paperli) from mailchimp and then send via servers (or mailchimp servers). 


  • Idea 3: At least let me subscribe a person to both mailchimp and paperli so the source of truth may be in mailchimp. 


I feel like Idea 2 is more realistic because you can connect your mailchimp account to paperli, thus paperli should be able to retrieve that information. 


Ticket similar to:


Official comment



 I just wanted to understand your needs when you say you need to manage two email lists, from Mailchimp and

If you decide to use Mailchimp, we normally recommend that you remove the subscription box and replace it with a mailchimp one.  That way, the export of subscribers to Mailchimp is a one-time-only deal.  :) . After you export subscribers, you can hide the subscription box and insert one from Mailchimp.  That way, you won't have two mailing lists.

Copied and pasted from Support article:

For Mailchimp, click "Mailchimp" and follow the steps shown:

STEPS ONE, TWO, THREE are only done the first time you set up Mailchimp.

STEP ONE: Show a mailchimp subscription box on your paper, rather than the default subscription box.  Turn on the toggle and follow the link shown to get the code for your Mailchimp subscription box.  Once you've installed the Mailchimp subscription box code, your subscription box will not be shown.

STEP TWO: Assuming you will no longer be collecting subscribers using subscription box, you can export your already exisiting subscribers to either an existing Mailchimp list or a new Mailchimp list.

STEP THREE: Delete your subscribers, if you no longer wish to use to send your newsletters for each edition. If you skip this step, your subscribers will also get a Newsletter from our service. 

STEP FOUR is done for each edition you send.  Step FOUR is quick and simple but not automatic.

STEP FOUR: Click Export Newsletter to Mailchimp to fill in fields for your Mailchimp Campaign.  Once you click "Export to Mailchimp", sign into Mailchimp and send your campaign.


Would this process work for you?


Julia Yaziji

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I've been going through a variety of forum notes and don't appear to find anything that has assisted.  I wanted to understand whether we can maintain the same subscriber list in both Mailchimp and Paper.Li. We like the automated sending of the newsletter everyday, but also would like the same list of subscribers to be updated in Mailchimp everytime someone subscribes.  Is this possible?

The Wise Traveller 0 votes

Hi Wise Traveller,

You can turn on your paper's MailChimp Subscription Box under Newsletter Service > MailChimp, which will update your MailChimp subscribers list when visitors subscribe, but there isn't a way to automatically update both versions of your subscriber lists simultaneously.

Dorian Staten 0 votes

Thank you Julia, but on each thread I have seen there are many people seeking an automated mailchimp integration. You can add us to that long list. Is there any work on creating such valuable functionality?


Leading Cities 0 votes

While automated MailChimp integration is something we'd definitely like to develop in the future, it's not currently actively being developed.

Dorian Staten 0 votes