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Choose the appropriate section for each news item

Once presents the list of selected news items, many times the sections where they have been placed automatically must be changed. If wants to be considered a serious application, I think you need to improve some things:

* It is essential allowing to change the section by choosing from a drop down menu with ALL the sections of the newspaper (with its custom name). It seems that by now it's only possible to choose the sections where has placed the news previously.

* If any news is added to the journal manually with the bookmarklet, the section can be chosen from ALL them! and once the news has been added it appears with the desired section. But I do not understand why sometimes this new section appears in the list and it allows to change also other news and, sometimes, it does not appear. What is not acceptable is having all the news in the corresponding section sharing manually one by one with the bookmarklet to choose between the complete list of sections.

* I do not even understand why in certain news from the same issue (edit mode) the drop down menu to change the section presents different values! (screenshot added). In the second one you can see how the section PLANETARY GEOLOGY has vanished and cannot be chosen.

Finally, I would like to comment that a few days ago I was in a workshop to explain, among the staff of other units of my university, how we manage our electronic newsletter. The main problem they saw in order to decide to create their own newsletters was the mismanagement of the sections for the news.

You must believe me, if I insist on this feature, it is because we find it essential for the management of information among our readers. I've been told that it seems you are not working at all with the implementation of this feature. I'd like you to reconsider it. Thanks!

CRAI Bib. C. Terra UB-CSIC

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I was just visiting the forum to reiterate this problem - several of us have posted on it in the past with no success. Every week I have to visit each misplaced news item (sometimes it is ALL of them) and do as you say --- use the bookmarklet to mark it properly, submit, go back to the newspaper, delete the item, refresh. It adds way more time than I have. I have two papers, and this single issue has me thinking I have to find another provider. 

It's just silly not to have a dropdown with all the sections, or a selected subset.

Wake up please,!

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