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More content on main page; Load more; smaller font headlines line 1

I have so many storeis that need to run that I'd like to ask for: 

More headlines on page 1/main page and all other pages

A headline and 1 line of the story only on a page

Add "Load more" to the main page

Make search engine look for dates on the headlines and first 10 lines, leaving out stories with past dates of 1 week or more

Make search engine give equal priority to the last 12 of 25 links as gives to first 13

Increase search engine links from 25 to 35

Crunch more stories on the main page and more pages with small thumbnails

Utilize all 3 columns on each page for stories. 3rd column being waisted more or less... Enable adds at top and bottom of pages; not in 3rd column

Please get to work on these items or else you are going to lose me as a client soon. Thank you.

Wayne Smoak

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