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More control needed over bookmarket options

The bookmarklet is great though there are a few issues.

1. Need manually edition fallback option in drafts.  A number of sites don't allow bookmarklet and as you can't add manual articles to drafts it becomes necessary to save articles until the draft is published and becomes the current edition when the manual add option can then be used.  When the bookmarklet fails it would be useful to then be able to simply manually add to drafts instead.

2. People don't necessarily want to add every rss feed from every page they every publish an article from.  The default seems to be if it finds a rss feed the bookmarket is set to add this unless the user unticks, meaning when a user forgets they get a ton of irrelevant content in their paper.  To be fair your staff are great at getting rid of this random content but would be great if in the setting users could decide if the if the default for new RSS feeds is set to always on or always off.


3. In a similar vein to 2 it would be useful for users to be able to select a default section for articles.  I'm using modern layout so these are currently irrelevant, however if I were to switch later on I would be keen that I had managed the sections appropriately.  I find than a high proportion of articles fit one category well and as once these have been custom named the auto file option doesn't work well it would be good if users could select their most used section as the standard option on all added articles rather than having to change it from whatever random section is chosen by the bookmarklet itself.

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