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I very much like the contextual nature of the Genius content source; it finds some esoteric information that I often don't expect. But it also finds--and sometimes continues to find and repeat the same or similar content from different sources day after day--information that I don't want in my paper. At least for the Pro version, I wish we had the same basic filtering options for Genius that we have for RSS feeds, Twitter lists, etc.

I don't want to change to manual curation of the paper; I want it to be published daily at the same time whether I'm available to preview and select content or not. The only other option I've thought of is to delete Genius content searches and use Google Alerts RSS feeds instead. With a little experimentation, though, I've seen that while I can insure the unwanted content is removed this way, it also mostly eliminates the element of "surprise" discovered content that Genius provides. If I could just filter out specific, unwanted terms from Genius, all would be well.

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