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How to block fake or political content?



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    Dorian Staten

    Hi Bonnie,

    You bet! You can blacklist contributors and even entire sites from your paper. For complete details and instructions, please visit this support article.


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  • Lookman_Daily

    I am getting annoyed that I am being associated with Fake News and US political websites like True Pundit. The purpose of a blog is not to give voice to extremists groups and foreign agents trying to undermine business and the state. Trump is such a dangerous idiot and a bore it has no interest except when in analysis from reputable journalistic sources. 

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  • Lookman_Daily

    Block hppt:// 

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  • Dorian Staten


    I'll be happy to blacklist that site from your paper, but I'm not finding a paper in your publisher account. Can you provide a link to your paper, please?

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