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Add Ability to Change the Date to the Live Publication to the Date that you Schedule it to Release


Currently, once the paper is published, it only shows the date on the day it was published.


For those of us who create a draft, must publish it to then export the paper to Mailchimp newsletter service to send to our distribution list, this  date issue is a problem.


Please add the ability to change the date to the live publication on your custom domain to match the date you schedule it to release.


Right now, I can change the date in HTML in Mailchimp; however, once you click to view the paper on our custom domain, it shows the date (i.e. Sunday) when I had to publish the draft -- to then export and schedule in Mailchimp for Monday morning release. 

It's a bad customer experience to see "Monday" in your email box, then click "read paper" and the live custom domain paper says "Sunday" (or the day before as we would do this each day. 


To get around this, right now, I wake up at 5:30AM every morning to manually publish our paper at 6:00AM -- which is the time we always release our paper for the past 1.5 years and our members expect it -- just so that the date on the live custom domain reads the correct date. This is not sustainable and it needs to be fixed, please.

As you can see, this simple change would be a big value for our company and most importantly, our customers.

Thank you.

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