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What happened to Papers are reduced, minimal, all previous editions deleted!



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    Dorian Staten


    Please note that we relaunched our service on February 4 with new layouts, new features, and new service plans, and some features have moved to our Starter and Pro plans.

    We understand that not not everyone is happy with this change, but please understand that in order for businesses like ours to keep a sustainable business model, we sometimes have to evolve and adapt. Otherwise, we would not be able to afford maintaining and upgrading our services as well as developing new features that our publishers ask for. For this reason, we have separated our service into three plans, one of which we hope everyone will find affordable and with the features they need. The Starter plan actually opens up a lot of features and removes limitations for only $4.99/mo, which is half the price of our old Pro plan.

    You're welcome to keep your papers on the Free plan and continue publishing at no charge for as long as you wish. If you feel you need more features and flexibility, please consider our Starter and Pro plans. You can compare them here: And if you'd like to try out the Pro service for free, simply create a new paper, as all newly created papers automatically get a Pro 10-day free trial.

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    I subscribe 100% the above comments!  Very sad indeed!

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  • PrimarySourceNexus

    Yes, I would like to hear about this change as well. The papers I followed are no longer very useful with the current format and limited articles.

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  • David Schmaltz

    Ditto. The most useful Web resource seems to have become useless. Where's my Photo section? Where are my Sections? A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that this change occurred, but it reverted back to the old reliable a few hours later. The last few days, unrelenting irrelevance. What gives?


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  • Electra

    YES! All of a sudden, all of my old Paperli issues are GONE. If we do the paid version, will they return in their original fashion? 

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  • Stefan Daniel Bell

    With the most respect, I plead you for mercy. Some of us have been with you for 10 years. Why not let us be ambassadors? You can DM me on Twitter. I know 20 accounts at least that would post links for you. ~ s

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  • Randy Showstack

    I, too, would like to express my disappointment about this decision by have been maintaining a paper for the purpose of keeping track of certain issues. I found it a very helpful tool. Now, my paper is just a shell of what it used to be. Was there prior notification by about these changes? And is there an archive where I can retrieve the sources that I used to build my paper? Thank you.

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  • Permanently deleted user

    Is there no option to go back to the original set up if we want it?

    - This 'new' set up is completely unworkable

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  • ACAPinHickory

    While I do understand your need for a newer business model, you should have grandfathered us. Some of your older, faithful users had very good content. And now we have nothing.

    I will be deleting my three accounts because they're useless. I wish you the best of luck with your new model.

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  • Dorian Staten

    Hello all,

    Please understand that we have been grandfathering in our legacy publishers for several years now. Additionally, all of the old features and layouts are still available to legacy publishers with our Pro service. The old layouts are even available with our Starter plan, which is only $4.99 a month, and even less if you subscribe annually. That's actually less than half of what we previously charged for our Pro service.

    We have spent a great deal of time and effort developing new features and improving our service for our publishers in many ways. And we're not nearly done yet, as is continuing to evolve, and there are many new and exciting features coming in the near future. All of this time and effort takes money, and so we have adjusted our business model accordingly. We feel the new plans are a great value for the product and service we provide, and we still offer a Free plan.

    Our goal is to make the best it can possibly be for everyone and, as I mentioned, we're not nearly done yet. We hope you'll join us for the amazing road ahead.

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