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Banned sections



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    Dorian Staten


    Please note that you can enable and disable your paper's sections under Content > Advanced Settings > Paper Sections > Select Paper Sections in your paper's settings. This works whether you are publishing manually or automatically.

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  • CRAI Bib. C. Terra UB-CSIC

    Hi! Maybe I have not explained correctly the problem. What happens with those articles selected automatically from my sources if they belong (according your classification method) to a unselected section? I think that those articles simply do not appear in the newsletter edition, is that correct?

    So, the problem is that your method to select which section is appropiate for a specific article is not as polite as it should be and a lot of times I have selected articles that fit my interests but they are in a completely wrong section, i.e. CRIME, SPORTS, or another one. The problem is that I don't want to loose these articles because you put them in an inappropriate section that I have previously unselected from the sections list.

    When the edition is manual I can change the section, but when the edition is automatic I cannot, so It would be nice to choose a MAIN section to replace automatically the banned (or unselected sections) where some interesting articles appear.

    Hope now the topic s clearer 😉

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