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My diary it's About basic income UBI not a political tool for same foreign country



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    Dorian Staten


    Please note that we only pull content from the sources you set. If you're not happy with your paper's content, there are a few things you can do, such as disable your paper's Politics section, vet and adjust your sources to ensure they do not post political articles, and blacklist sites and contributors who contribute political content.

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  • Alan Pollock

    I have deleted my Paper Li after finding an article by a Trump supporting newspaper as the first article. My paper was supposed to be about Educational Technology, but it seems that you get your revenue from promoting right wing articles. There was never supposed to be a political section.



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  • Dorian Staten

    Hi Alan,

    Actually, we have an algorithm that fetches content, and our algorithm holds no political party affiliation. Furthermore, our organization is made up of liberal-minded individuals, so it would be unthinkable to us to take money from conservative organizations to promote their content.

    The truth is, we really have zero influence on your paper's content. It all comes from the sources you choose. Bear in mind that sources like 'genius sources' scour the entire web for content, and so the content it finds may lean left or right. If you'd prefer to ensure your content is always center or left of center, you simply remove your genius sources and add content sources that only promote content that is always left or left of center.

    For example, if MSNBC's Twitter feed is my only source, will I have problems with right-wing news appearing in my paper? Obviously not. But if I just set up a genius source for "politics" or "government," for example, then the content is going to range from left to right.

    One of my own main papers is a progressive news and politics paper, and I have zero trouble with right-wing news appearing on my paper. See for yourself.

    I don't even have to spend time weeding out unwanted content. I can set my paper on auto-pilot and know that my content is interesting and relevant because I've 1) carefully chosen my sources, 2) blacklisted any contributors or sites that promote unwanted content, 3) added filters to my sources, 4) and added content filters (region/date). Now I just let my paper do what it does best.

    You can have your paper running as smoothly and hands-free as mine is. It just takes a little effort.

    For more help on focusing your content, please see the Content section of our support site.

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