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Why is the content so bad


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    Dorian Staten

    If your paper is pulling in unrelated/unwanted content, it's very likely that it's coming from your genius sources.

    Note that genius sources scour the entire web for content, so they can sometimes result in a wider range of content than preferred.

    To focus your content, we recommend removing the genius sources and, instead, adding other specific sources which you've vetted, such as Twitter accounts and/or RSS feeds. As long as you're using specific sources that you've vetted, your content should consistently be relevant.

    And if you still find a bit of content that's off-topic, you can always add Content Source Filters to better fine tune your content. Content Source Filters allow you to set keywords for your paper to look for, and then either include or exclude that content based on your keywords.

    Lastly, you can always blacklist sites and contributors who provide unwanted content.

    Utilizing these features should ensure your paper runs smoothly and contains relevant content.

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