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False claims?


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    Dorian Staten

    Hi Megan, papers fetch content based on the sources and options that the publisher of that paper sets. If the Twitter account for is a content source for a paper, then that paper will fetch articles from that Twitter account. This may include conspiracy theories, as our system does not know the difference, it simply knows to fetch content from the links that Twitter account shares.

    There are many options and filters that a publisher can apply to their content and content sources in order to avoid unwanted or irrelevant content. These options and filters should be configured by the paper's publisher. Publishers also have the option of reviewing their edition's content before publishing by switching to Manual Promotion.

    In short, does not fetch or post any content accidentally. papers fetch content from the sources publishers choose and using the filters and options publishers set, and we even include extra options that allow publishers to ensure nothing unwanted makes it to the live publication.

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