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Page Load URL Parameters (Subscription)

When activated, the feature "Popup signup form" prompts readers to subscribe with a subscription window popup systematically showing 10 seconds after the "first" page load. If not interested readers can click "no thanks" and won't be asked again (if cookies are enabled).

I'd like to gain control of the context in which these popup show and save one click to my readers.

I'd like to be able to restrict the popups to the traffic coming from my website as the readers will already be in a known environment and not browsing around. The typical implementation as I see it would be to have an added parameter at the end of the URL requesting the popup to show. I would use this URL in my website.

Example of a page load parameter: "?pl=subscribe"

Other contextual parameters could be added later-on but this is my only immediate need.

Thanks for reading.

Fabrice Cathala

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