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Translate confirmation of the subscription widget



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    Dorian Staten

    Hi Maria-Helena,

    Both of the papers you mentioned are under the publisher account connected to the email address mariehelene24***@*** The login for that account is the Twitter account @Feretti49.

    If you have any trouble signing in or finding your papers, please let us know.

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  • Maria-Helena Miranda

    So I would like to retrieve two accounts The Maryland Daily News. & The travel Report. One is under .email is Lena Miranda***@*** Twitter is Feretti49 other email mariahelena_miranda***@*** and Mariehelene24***@*** the other Helene.miranda1***@*** Thsnk you would like to retrieve those two accounts thank you

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  • Instituto Profissional Digital

    Hi, I am new here and found this topic where the questions is the possibility of translating the confirmation message of the subscription form to other languages besides English. 


    I know we can translate many parts of our paper, but how about things like this?



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