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Custom URL Not working


i'm trying to use a custom domain for my paper (

I have set up two subdomains: which points to ( which points to

When I try either url in the custom domain setting, i get the message that the url is not pointing to Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong?



Christoph Ruepprich

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Hi Christoph,

It sounds like you've set up your subdomains as redirects, which won't work properly. Instead, you need to set up CNAMEs for your domains.

For, you would need to create a CNAME called oci-weekly that points to And for, the CNAME would be called oci and would also point to

These CNAMEs should be set up within your domains' DNS settings.

Once you set up your CNAMEs and remove the redirects, you can save your domains in your papers' settings.

Dorian Staten

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