I would like to add more then one personal twitter account
0 votes 1 comment
Bulk deleting articles in Edit Mode
1 vote 6 comments
In-browsing feature
0 votes 1 comment
Create Subscribe Button for outside sites
9 votes 18 comments
Create a smaller widget for headlines (1/4 space of headlines widget)
0 votes 3 comments
Embed needs customization
2 votes 5 comments
1 vote 1 comment
Use delicious' feed element's first tag for section allocation
0 votes 1 comment
Share Links should go to our newsletter
0 votes 1 comment
How do I make my private?
0 votes 1 comment
Search Archives Completed
7 votes 10 comments
Add Google Reader or Feedly as a source
1 vote 11 comments
Analytics for Custom Ad Units
2 votes 3 comments
Different main Admin in each paper
0 votes 1 comment
Add more Languages
1 vote 9 comments
Manage several accounts from one
0 votes 6 comments
Remove the Paper.Li toolbar at the top
0 votes 5 comments
Make this work for wordpress
5 votes 13 comments
Allow adding of multiple social media accounts (as sources)
6 votes 3 comments
Ability for publisher to add context/comments to articles on a paper
3 votes 10 comments
Editor's Note at the top of subscriber's emails
0 votes 2 comments
Chosen headlines only in outgoing emails
0 votes 3 comments
Widget with a fluid width
0 votes 1 comment
Ad Units > Expand Publisher Advertising Options
3 votes 16 comments
Add instragram and pinterest images as content sources
6 votes 9 comments
Customising the Emails so they match the new PRO Headers
0 votes 2 comments
Set certain hash tags to be added to auto-promote tweets
4 votes 8 comments
Greater Flexibility in Paper Layout
3 votes 1 comment
Connect/Promote to LinkedIn
5 votes 8 comments
When will the Custom URL feature be available?
12 votes 11 comments