A list of what has been requested in the past and completed by our development team.

Add instragram and pinterest images as content sources
6 votes 9 comments
Customising the Emails so they match the new PRO Headers
0 votes 2 comments
Set certain hash tags to be added to auto-promote tweets
4 votes 8 comments
Greater Flexibility in Paper Layout
3 votes 1 comment
Connect/Promote to LinkedIn
5 votes 8 comments
When will the Custom URL feature be available?
12 votes 11 comments
Ability to rename topics or create new ones
39 votes 37 comments
Allow multiple selection when deleting videos, pictures and articles
9 votes 11 comments
Facebook-User / Facebook-Fan-Pages as content
25 votes 12 comments
Bookmarklet: Be able to add content to next edition, not only current one
10 votes 11 comments
Collaborative management?
6 votes 5 comments
Merge accounts: Add Twitter login after signing up with Facebook
17 votes 2 comments
Private paper
8 votes 18 comments
Google Analytics
6 votes 10 comments
Allow articles to be moved from one section to the other
19 votes 6 comments
Featured article for each page/section
4 votes 1 comment
Topics: Customisable header section
13 votes 12 comments
Add your own editorial - or allow a direct link from your editorial
22 votes 8 comments
Paper.li Premium
43 votes 16 comments
Paper RSS Feed
59 votes 54 comments
Promotion: Create you own promo tweet
11 votes 10 comments
Promotional Tweets for Facebook
6 votes 18 comments
Subscriber Views and Statistics
24 votes 41 comments